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Self-service kiosks have proved a revolutionary innovation in making life easier and quicker for people in a variety of scenarios. Whether doing the daily shopping, checking available airline ticket, making a bank online transaction, parking at the airport before jetting off on holiday – self-service kiosks play a vital part in cutting time and effort from many parts of our everyday lives. The rise in the number of self-service kiosks, and the range of industries in which they are employed, is down to both the advancement of technology and the demand from consumers who are living increasingly busy lives. No longer are we willing to tolerate long queues for cashiers. Self-service kiosks started out as simple pay-and-display machines. But as technology has advanced, so too has the ability for machines to provide a more sophisticated level of customer service. Today’s cutting-edge models use advanced software to handle a multitude of tasks including purchasing, market research, check in processes and ordering food in restaurants.

The software used in modern kiosks can also be integrated with mobile app technology – either to create a fluid user experience for the customer, or to provide integrated management tools for the operator. In more and more industries, particularly in locations with heavy footfall, self-service machines are making a big difference to our fast-paced lives. eCONNECT being one of the lead technologies companies in Nigeria, has rolled out first of its kind a retail Smart Kiosk. Service been used by retail merchant, banks, aviation, government parastatals, SME’s, manufacturers, etc. to facilitate and make running of their daily activities more effective and efficient. Some basic advantages of the machine is to save time, reduce traffic of purchasing items in stores, , reduce delay and stress of purchase items, enhance the CBN cashless policy, public enlightenment of available products and service, advertisement, increase retail sales, add purchasing value to customers, enhance marketing strategies and business goals. The machine has features like: 19” Touchscreen monitor, Windows PC with Ethernet LAN/Wi-Fi, Card Reader, Bar Code/QR Code Reader, Printer, Camera, Scanners and Signature Pad.